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The search year visa is a residence permit that allows Master and PhD graduates ranked in the global top 200 to live in the Netherlands for 12 months.



Benefits of a Search Year Visa


The Search Year Visa allows you to work and live in the Netherlands for 12 months.


With the Search Year Visa you can travel throughout the Schengen area without a visa.


After 12 months, the Search Year Visa can be changed into other visa types, allowing you to reside in the Netherlands for longer.



Am I Eligible?

To be eligible for a Search Year Visa, you must meet the following requirements:


  • You have obtained a Master’s or PhD degree or have completed a postdoc at any university or any faculty which ranks in the global top 200. Are you not sure whether your university or faculty is among the global top 200? Feel free to fill in this contact form to let our immigration specialists review all your information. If we conclude that you can apply for the Search Year visa, we will contact you by phone to discuss how we can help you arrange the visa. If we conclude that you cannot apply, we will let you know our conclusions by e-mail.

  • You must show your basic proficiency in the English language. If your university education was completed in English, then you automatically fulfil this requirement.

  • Your diploma must be recent (i.e. having been obtained for no longer than three years when you make your application).



"Mynta Law firm has helped me with my application for a new residence permit. The whole experience was awesome. I contacted them last minute literally and the team immediately helped me assess my situation and proposed a plan. Quick response, easy communication, professional service with friendliness. I am very grateful for their work and definitely would recommend it!"



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