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Why the Netherlands?

Before deciding on a move to the Netherlands, you may want to know more about this small country. We have listed here a few important reasons for you to choose the Netherlands.

Stable Economy

The Netherlands is one of the world’s most stable and innovative economies with low unemployment rate and high salaries:      

  • One of the richest countries globally, ranking 17th in the 2022 GDP nominal global ranking and standing at 1.5 times the average in the EU (CBS)

  • One of the lowest unemployment rates - the unemployment rate in May 2022 stood at 3.2% (CBS)

  • One of the highest salaries worldwide - in 2022 the average gross income was €2,894 per month (CPB). 


Business Opportunities

The major cities in the Netherlands form an international business hub with thousands of job opportunities - Around 60 prominent multinational companies have major offices here, including Nike, Microsoft, Google, Siemens, and Phillips. ​


English Speaking

It has low language barrier for English speakers:  

  • English is the main business language in most big companies.    

  • It has the highest proficiency in English as a non-English speaking country.    

  • There are thousands of vacancies where speaking Dutch is not required. ​


Relaxed Immigration Policy

The Netherlands have adopted a relatively relaxed immigration policy to encourage highly skilled workers and innovation:    

  • Search Year Visa: Allows Master’s or PhD graduates from the world’s top 200 universities/subjects to live and work in the Netherlands for 12 months and plan for their future careers.    

  • Highly Skilled Migrant Visa: Allows highly skilled personnel to work in the Netherlands with lower requirements compared to the U.K. Partners of highly skilled workers can work in the Netherlands as well.    

  • Start-Up Visa: Allows innovative entrepreneurs to make their ideas come true.    

  • Self-Employed Visa: Allows free-lancers, business owners and entrepreneurs to open and manage businesses. ​


High Quality of Living

It is known for its good social care and health systems, frequently voted as one of the countries with the highest quality of living.  It has a low crime rate and is in general very safe. ​

Modern Architecture
Bikes at Amsterdam Canal
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