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Mynta Law's Search Year Service

Benefits of Mynta Law's Search Year services
  • Our services reduce your effort, time and stress during the visa application process to the minimum. 


  • We check all your documents and make sure that they meet the requirements, preventing time and money waste.


  • Our experience in Dutch immigration law and close work relations with the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service speed up your application significantly, reducing the duration of the entire procedure from 4+ months to typically within 1 and half months.

  •  Our applications have the high success rate of 99%.


  • We allow your MVV (Dutch Provisional Residence Permit) to start from your entry date. 


  • We provide added value services to help you settle down in The Netherlands and find a job. 

  • As a law firm, we ensure that your information is treated in strict confidence.

  • Should it turn out that the Search Year visa is not granted due to our mistake, we provide a refund policy. Mynta Law's general terms and conditions apply.

What services are included?

Before going to the Netherlands:

  • We manage the degree evaluation procedure, which can only been done in The Netherlands. 

  • We provide continuous guidance in the preparation of documents, including providing a document list and checking documents.

  • We manage the Search Year visa application procedure, including making an appointment at the embassy, producing a cover letter to be shown at the embassy, and taking charge of all communications with the embassy and the Immigration and Naturalisation Service.


After arriving at the Netherlands:
We provide guidance and assistance throughout the administrative procedure and birth certificate preparation.

  • We provide CV check and job-searching info, with the possibility of arranging a short term internship with our partners on request.

  • We provide rental contract check and rental law consultancy.

  • We make arrangements for the GGD health check.

  • We give advice of national health insurance info.

  • We facilitate a platform where Search Year permit holders can share info and communicate.

  • ​We check your future employment/internship contracts.​​

How does it work?

Step 1   Fill in the contact form. By filling in the contact form you agree to receive an assessment and be contacted by phone within 5 business days. 

Step 2   We assess your eligibility and contact you by phone if you are eligible and by email if you are not eligible within 5 business days.

Step 3   You can contact us via phone, email and Skype calls if you have any questions. All information you send to us is treated in strict confidence.

Step 4  When you confirm the acceptance of our services, we will send you a Confirmation of Assignment document, an invoice, a Power of Attorney document, Mynta Law's general terms and conditions, and a document list. 

Step 5  Upon receiving your signed Power of Attorney and Confirmation of Assignment as well as your  payment, we will open a file for you.  

Step 6  You provide us the documents according to our document list. We check your documents and apply for the degree evaluation on behalf of you.

Step 7  Upon receiving the results of the evaluation, we make an appointment for you at your local Dutch embassy or consulate. We send you an application package by email. You print out the application package and submit the documents at your application appointment.

Step 8  We will handle all further correspondence with the immigration office, and keep you informed about the progress.

Step 9  You collect your passport from the embassy or get it delivered, and enter the Netherlands during the valid period indicated in your visa.

Step 10  Upon arrival, we assist you with administrative procedures, rental and job searching, amongst other added value services to help you settle down in The Netherlands.

Any questions so far? Send an email to or call +31 (0)70 205 1168.

Fill in the contact form

Are you interested in moving to the Netherlands? We are glad to hear that you do. You can leave us your information using this contact form. Our immigration specialists will review your information. If we conclude that you can apply for the Search Year Visa, we will contact you by phone to discuss how we can help you apply. If we conclude that you cannot apply, we will let you know our conclusions by e-mail.

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